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Who doesn’t enjoy the refreshing fragrance of lemon? In addition to smelling crisp, lemon also makes an ideal cleaner. People have been using lemons for centuries to clean their homes. In this article, we will explore the many things that you can clean with the potency of lemons.

Nowadays, people want to move away from using harsh chemicals that are often dangerous. They are seeking a more natural choice. Lemons are a great cleaner to add to your arsenal of cleaning products.

10. Lemons to Lighten Clothes

Clothes Through The Dryer

Bleach can damage your clothes but there is a quicker and easier way to brighten colors and whiten whites: use a bit of lemon juice. Mix half a cup of lemon juice per gallon of water. Soak your clothes for an hour in the mixture. Then dry your clothes in the warm sunlight.

You can also use a cup of lemon juice in your washing machine to clean it. Simply run a cup of lemon juice through your washing machine on the wash cycle and the machine will smell clean and sparkle.

9. Fight Unpleasant Refrigerator Odors

Refrigerator Door

Does your refrigerator smell when you open the door? It’s time to fight unpleasant refrigerator odors with a saucer containing half of a cut lemon. Let the crisp citrus smell conquer your refrigerator odors so it smells clean and fresh.

8. Exfoliate Your Skin

Collagen Skin

Yes, you can clean your skin with lemons. Use a dash of fresh lemon juice, a tablespoon of olive oil, and half a cup of granulated sugar. Rub the mixture on to your skin in circular motions to exfoliate the skin and lift away dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Your skin will shine using a lemon exfoliator. Use twice a day (morning and night) for the best results.

7. Dishwasher Deodorizer


Dishwashers naturally soak up the nasty smells of dirty food and can become very unpleasant. However, if you add a cup of lemon juice to the dishwasher and run it with no soap, it will naturally freshen up the dishwasher and leave it smelling fabulous.

6. Freshen Your Food Containers

Storage Containers

The plastic of food containers absorbs the nasty smell of the food they contain. Even soap can’t eliminate the odor. Stains can also occur.

Mix lemon juice and water together. Fill the containers with the liquid mixture and allow it to sit overnight. In the morning, rinse the food containers with warm water. The smells and stains will disappear, and your food containers will smell fresh again.

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5. Rusty Knives

Sharp Knife

Soak a sponge in lemon juice and rub it on rust stains. The acidic nature of the lemon juice will lift away surface rust stains with ease.

4. Shower Doors

Excessive Showering

You probably don’t like to use harsh cleaners to clean your shower doors. The pungent aroma of bleach or hydrogen peroxide can be overpowering in the small confines of a bathroom. Instead, cut a lemon in half and rub it on the surface of the shower door to lift away stains.

3. Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

Lots of nasty things go down the garbage disposal, which can make it smell. Use lemon peels and kosher salt mixed with water. Fill ice trays with the mixture and freeze. Now drop the frozen lemon and salt cubes down into the garbage disposal. Run the garbage disposal to chew up the icy lemons and leave it smelling clean.

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2. Perfume Your Home

fresh lemon juice

The kitchen and your house might smell bad from cooking odors or pets. Boil a mixture of lemon juice and water on your stove to create a wonderful room freshener for your home. With no toxic chemicals, lemons are a great way to make your house smell clean and refreshed.

1. Cutting Boards

Lemon On Cutting Board

Cutting boards harbor many stains and germs, and are difficult to clean and sanitize. However, lemon juice is a great cleaner for cutting boards. Squeeze the lemon juice so it falls directly on the cutting board. Focus on areas of discoloration or stains. Let the citric acid sit on the cutting board until the stains disappear, then rinse with cool water.

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