Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a handy item for food storage and so much more. But in order to use the clingy film, you have to be able to get it off the roll. Once it’s off the roll, the sticky film can fold back over on itself, causing frustration and aggravation. Read on for tips on taming your plastic wrap, so it is easily accessible. While we’re at it, we also have some tips on using this helpful item in the kitchen and elsewhere in your home.

10. Use the Box Tabs

Box Tabs

Plastic wrap is so convenient. You can cut it to any length for use in a variety of ways. You can use it for anything from protecting a plate of food to storing your decorated Christmas tree. But plastic wrap won’t do you any good if you can’t get the sticky film to stop clinging to itself instead of where you need it. The first step in using your cling wrap is to use the perforated tabs on the ends of your box. Push these tabs in to hold the roll in place. Now, at least you won’t accidentally fling the roll across the room in your efforts to get a piece of film out of the box.

9. Keep It Cool


The second step in ensuring you can easily work with your plastic wrap is to store it in your freezer. At room temperature, static cling tends to make the wrap adhere to itself instead of to your intended object. Storing your wrap in the freezer makes the plastic film less likely to cling to itself, and easier to maneuver. Once you have it where you need it, room temperature will allow the wrap to warm back up and cling where you want it. If you don’t have extra storage space in your freezer, sticking the roll in there for about 15 minutes before you use it should be long enough to help you out.

8. Wet the Seal


Sometimes that piece of cling wrap doesn’t seem so clingy. To help plastic wrap adhere to glass, ceramic, or plastic bowls, dip your finger in water and run it around the rim of the bowl. The light layer of water will help the plastic wrap stick to where you need it. This trick won’t work as well on metal or aluminum dishes though. Use press-and-seal plastic wraps on your drinkware when grabbing a homemade smoothie on the go. Make a slit to insert your straw and avoid messy spills in your car.

7. Keep Bananas Fresh

Keep Bananas Fresh

If you often find your bananas have turned to mush before you can use them, try this trick. To prevent your bananas from ripening too quickly, use a small piece of plastic wrap around the stems. The plastic wrap will contain the ethylene gas produced by bananas as they ripen. By trapping this gas, you will slow down the ripening process. To further delay ripening, separate each banana first and wrap the stems individually. This prevents wasting those mushy brown bananas or finding yourself making an endless supply of banana bread.

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6. Conserve Piping Bags

Piping Bags

To save on messy cleanup of piping bags when decorating cakes or cookies, use plastic wrap. Disposable piping bags can be expensive, and reusable ones can be a pain to clean. When decorating with icing, first place a sheet of plastic wrap on your kitchen counter. Next, spoon your icing onto the center of the wrap. Roll up your icing and spin to make the wrap form thin threads on either side of the icing. Thread one end through your piping bag, snip off the end, and you are ready to decorate. If that sounds confusing, check out this video by Lindsay Ann Bakes.

5. Prevent Freezer Burn

Freezer Burn

If ice cream lasts long enough in your freezer to develop freezer burn, prevent this tragedy with plastic wrap. Place a layer of the filmy wrap right next to your ice cream before popping on the lid. The film wrap will keep the ice cream fresh longer by preventing exposure to the air. Wrap up loaves of bread in two layers of plastic wrap to make an airtight seal before freezing them in freezer bags. Wrap your meats in plastic wrap for an extra layer of protection before placing them in freezer bags.

4. Make Rolling Out Dough a Breeze

Plastic Wrap

If you find yourself struggling with the dough while making pie crusts or cookie cutouts, grab a roll of plastic wrap and place a layer on your countertop. Then, plop your dough on top. Add another layer of wrap over the dough, and you will be able to roll with ease. This keeps your dough from sticking to your countertops and rolling pin. Not only is rolling easier, but cleanup is also a snap as well! Try this technique with The Pioneer Woman’s simple recipe for Sylvia’s Perfect Pie Crust.

3. Prevent Bottle Leakage

Bottle Leakage

The kitchen isn’t the only place where plastic wrap can improve your life. Prevent bottles from leaking in your luggage while traveling with this handy little film. Place small squares of plastic wrap over the openings of your shampoo, cosmetic, or cologne bottles. Next, screw on the lids as usual. The plastic wrap adds an extra layer of protection and prevents you from dealing with a mess while traveling. An extra travel tip: place jewelry between layers of plastic wrap to prevent tangling while traveling.

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2. Ease Your Painting Project

Paint Roller

If you have to pause while painting, keep your paint rollers fresh by wrapping them in plastic wrap. This keeps the paint from drying out and allows you to pick right back up when you return. This nifty trick also works for paintbrushes. To avoid the need for frequent stirring, place a layer of plastic wrap on the surface of the paint in the can. This keeps the paint from forming a “skin” as it is exposed to air. When you are finished painting, keep leftover paint fresh for touchups. For a tighter seal, place a layer of plastic wrap over the opening of the paint can before closing it with the lid.

1. Make Moving Houses Easier

Houses Easier
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There’s nothing simple about moving houses, but plastic wrap can make packing a little bit easier. Keep your kitchen utensils in their plastic drawer dividers. Then, wrap the dividers in layers of plastic wrap to keep utensils clean, together, and ready for popping into new drawers. Don’t empty plastic storage bin drawers. Keep items right in the drawers and wrap with plastic wrap to keep them from opening en route to your new home. Additionally, keep bubble wrap firmly in place around your breakables by sealing it with an extra layer of plastic wrap.



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