Eggs In Microwave

Updated: 7/18/2019

A microwave oven is a useful tool for quickly warming up leftovers, heating water for tea, and defrosting frozen items. It is a staple when it comes time to zap a frozen dinner or pop a batch of popcorn. A microwave is also a handy appliance for cooking up eggs for a hot, delicious, protein-packed breakfast in minutes. Check out these 10 easy ways to jump-start your day with a hot meal that carries you through to lunch.

10. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

Whipping up a batch of fluffy scrambled eggs is as easy as cracking two eggs into a microwave-safe bowl coated with cooking spray. Beat the eggs with a few drops of milk and microwave on high. Set the timer for 2 minutes, but stop and stir your eggs every 30 seconds or so to keep them fluffy. For even heartier egg scrambles, mix in cheese, veggies, or bacon. If you are watching your cholesterol levels, ditch the yolks and nuke the egg whites with a little spinach and herbs for a heart-friendly breakfast.

9. Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs

A perfect poached egg consists of a gooey, golden yellow yolk shrouded in a firm little egg white package. A microwave poached egg may not result in a yolk beautifully wrapped in egg white. However, it does create a delicious poached egg with an amazing texture. To make a poached egg in the microwave, fill a bowl with water and then slide an egg right into the water. Prick the egg yolk lightly with a fork or knife. Seal the bowl with plastic wrap and cook on high for 1 minute.


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