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If you are feeling pains and aches in your lower back, it can be caused by a few key components of your daily routine. Whenever you sit a majority of your day, whether at a desk or in a plane or car, you end up tightening your hip flexors to where they feel shorter than other key muscles in your body. Your hip flexors help support your lower back from your front side and may cause pain to the weakened muscles located behind your intestines. To help, here are 10 useful yoga poses to ease that discomfort in your lower back and hips.

10. Eye of the Needle Pose

eye of the needle

This essential pose helps with relieving the tension in your hip flexors one at a time. Start out by laying on your back with your feet flat on the ground beneath you by bending your knees, pulling your feet toward your glutes. Then cross your right ankle over your left knee, making a figure four with your legs. Begin lifting your hips off the ground, pulling the left knee to your chest to create a 90-degree angle with your left leg. Use your hands for support behind the left knee and pull until you feel the stretch in your right hip. Breathe in the stretch for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

9. Happy Baby Pose

happy baby

This position will open up your hips to help ease the lower back. In order to do this pose, you begin by laying on a flat back and pulling your knees toward your chest. Place your hands on the insides of your feet, preferably on the arches, and slowly begin to open your knees until they are wider than shoulder width. Breathe in this stretch for 30 seconds. Keep your back flat on the floor for best results. To create added resistance, use more pressure by pulling your hands against your feet while lifting your feet up.


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