Garbage Disposal

Junk, debris, waste, litter, muck, scrap, filth, and let’s not forget the most abused term of them all: trash. They are all synonyms, and they point to that one unremarkable element that we all have to carefully deal with every day as an integral part of our life: garbage.

We don’t like to think too much about it, except that dealing with it is quite the chore. Good things for garbage disposals! This undervalued mechanism ensures that our trash doesn’t stink and create conditions for disease and environmental damage. It is also pretty neat in the way it works, tirelessly shredding all that we toss into it, so it easily passes through without disrupting our plumbing.

It is, therefore, no surprise that even this humble thing called a garbage disposal requires a little love and care. Fortunately, caring for it is as easy as it is important. Just ensure that you do not allow these 11 taboo items to be a part of the standard garbage disposal routine.

11. Coffee Beans, Grounds, and Decoction

Coffee Beans

A barista may have talked you into believing that humanity runs on coffee, but your plumbing lines certainly don’t. Yes, we know it seems perfectly harmless. You might even be tempted into believing that it will give your leaky plumbing a much-needed energy kick. Funny, but just no!

Notice how your coffee dregs tend to settle at the bottom? That is precisely what will happen to all those shredded beans. They will settle at the bottom of your drainage pipes, and patiently wait while your plumbing goes amok. Scary! Instead, use them where they belong – in your mean, green compost. They surely will give your plants a big kick!

10. Drugs


We mean the prescribed variety here, though the more notorious ones count too. When you consume medication, there are a lot of chemical reactions that happen in your body. Now imagine if the same were to happen to the water within your plumbing lines.

If you allow your expired medication to slide down the garbage disposal, rest assured that it will somehow find its way back into your life, perhaps through the drinking water. Now, this is one poisoning disaster you certainly want to avoid.

The better way is to simply follow the FDA’s recommendation. Carefully remove the pills from their container, wrap securely in a plastic bag, and toss them out into your external trash can. If you are concerned about the environment, you can go one step further and hand them over to your closest pharmacy. They typically have a way to dispose of expired drugs and medicine safely.


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