Bathroom Towels

A well-organized home often contains items neatly stored in the areas where they are used. This prevents running from one end of the house to the other to find the things you need. After all, it doesn’t make sense to store power tools in the bedroom or kitchen appliances in the nursery. However, many items that are used in the bathroom really shouldn’t make their home there. The high humidity levels and the possibility of germ contamination make the bathroom a poor place for storing many items.

11. Bathrobes


You may enjoy slipping into your bathrobe after a shower or soak in the tub. However, the bathroom is not the best place to keep your cozy, comfy robe. The humidity and high temperatures found in the bathroom provide a haven for bacteria to grow. Keep your bathrobe in your bedroom or closet, far from the warm, moist environment of the bathroom. The last thing you want to do after scrubbing yourself squeaky clean is to pull on a germy article of clothing.

10. Books


If you enjoy reading in the bathtub, be sure to take your book or magazine with you when you exit the bathroom. Books don’t do well in heat and humidity. The heat and moisture can cause the pages and covers of your favorite books to warp. To protect your books so they will last a lifetime, Biblio, Inc. recommends storing them at temperatures of 65 degrees. Furthermore, you will want to keep them at about 40% humidity. Sunlight and dust are other items that can damage your reading material.


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