9. Electronics

Smartphone Accessories

You may enjoy scrolling through your phone or listening to the radio while you are in the bathroom. However, you will want to take these appliances with you when you leave the room. Humidity can cause damage to the delicate components of your electronic devices. Condair recommends keeping your electronics at consistent humidity levels of 50% whenever possible. Moisture and condensation can cause electronic circuits to short out, damaging your devices.

8. Fresh Towels

Clean Towels

As handy as it is to store fresh towels in a bathroom cabinet, keeping clean towels here subjects them to humidity. Like bathrobes, clean towels can become a breeding ground for germs when stored in the warm, moist environment of the bathroom. When you finish drying off after a shower, be sure to hang up your used towel where it can get the maximum amount of circulation to help it dry out. Wash bath towels every two or three days. Hand towels should be washed daily.

7. Jewelry


To protect your jewelry and keep it from tarnishing or breaking, store it in a cool, dry area away from your bathroom. KC Designs recommends storing your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry box. A jewelry box will keep your treasures safe and dry. Furthermore, lined compartments prevent items from scratching one another. If your jewelry comes with a protective case or pouch, use these containers to store your jewels, gold, or silver.

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