Bathroom Towels

A well-organized home often contains items neatly stored in the areas where they are used. This prevents running from one end of the house to the other to find the things you need. After all, it doesn’t make sense to store power tools in the bedroom or kitchen appliances in the nursery. However, many items that are used in the bathroom really shouldn’t make their home there. The high humidity levels and the possibility of germ contamination make the bathroom a poor place for storing many items.

11. Bathrobes


You may enjoy slipping into your bathrobe after a shower or soak in the tub. However, the bathroom is not the best place to keep your cozy, comfy robe. The humidity and high temperatures found in the bathroom provide a haven for bacteria to grow. Keep your bathrobe in your bedroom or closet, far from the warm, moist environment of the bathroom. The last thing you want to do after scrubbing yourself squeaky clean is to pull on a germy article of clothing.

10. Books


If you enjoy reading in the bathtub, be sure to take your book or magazine with you when you exit the bathroom. Books don’t do well in heat and humidity. The heat and moisture can cause the pages and covers of your favorite books to warp. To protect your books so they will last a lifetime, Biblio, Inc. recommends storing them at temperatures of 65 degrees. Furthermore, you will want to keep them at about 40% humidity. Sunlight and dust are other items that can damage your reading material.

9. Electronics

Smartphone Accessories

You may enjoy scrolling through your phone or listening to the radio while you are in the bathroom. However, you will want to take these appliances with you when you leave the room. Humidity can cause damage to the delicate components of your electronic devices. Condair recommends keeping your electronics at consistent humidity levels of 50% whenever possible. Moisture and condensation can cause electronic circuits to short out, damaging your devices.

8. Fresh Towels

Clean Towels

As handy as it is to store fresh towels in a bathroom cabinet, keeping clean towels here subjects them to humidity. Like bathrobes, clean towels can become a breeding ground for germs when stored in the warm, moist environment of the bathroom. When you finish drying off after a shower, be sure to hang up your used towel where it can get the maximum amount of circulation to help it dry out. Wash bath towels every two or three days. Hand towels should be washed daily.

7. Jewelry


To protect your jewelry and keep it from tarnishing or breaking, store it in a cool, dry area away from your bathroom. KC Designs recommends storing your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry box. A jewelry box will keep your treasures safe and dry. Furthermore, lined compartments prevent items from scratching one another. If your jewelry comes with a protective case or pouch, use these containers to store your jewels, gold, or silver.

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6. Makeup

makeup look that age you

Although you probably apply your makeup in the bathroom, you should store your cosmetics elsewhere. The high temperatures and humidity from the shower can cause your makeup to break down quickly. Furthermore, germs are more likely to thrive in the damp environment of the bathroom. Keep your cosmetics and makeup brushes in a cool, dry, dark drawer or cupboard in your bedroom, away from heat and moisture.

5. Medications


To make sure your medicines are fully effective, store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing your medications in the warm or humid environments of your bathroom or kitchen. Humidity can cause your medicines to break down into ineffective or even dangerous substances. The best place to store your prescription or over-the-counter drugs may be a cabinet or drawer in your bedroom or hallway.

4. Nail Polish

Nail Polish

If you want your bottles of nail polish to last, avoid storing them in your bathroom. Like so many other substances, nail polish breaks down when exposed to high temperatures. Keep your nail polish in a cool, dry place, and it will provide your nails with gorgeous color much longer.

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3. Perfume or Cologne

Perfume Scents

The chemicals in your favorite fragrances can be damaged or altered by high temperatures. Therefore, you may want to store your bottles of perfume or cologne in the cooler climate of your bedroom. A closet may be the ideal spot in which to keep your fragrances away from sunlight, heat, and humidity.

2. Razor Blades

Razor Blades

The humidity of your bathroom can wreak havoc with the metal blades of your razor. To prevent rust and premature dulling, store your extra razors and razor blades in a closet away from the bathroom. Of course, this means remembering to grab a fresh blade before you head into the bathroom for a shave.

1. Toothbrush


If your bathroom sink stands near the toilet, you will want to make sure to store your toothbrush far away from that area. The phenomenon of toilet plume refers to the spray of water particles and germs that shoot up into the air every time you flush the toilet. The last place you want toilet germs to land is on your toothbrush. Store your toothbrush in a closed cabinet where germs from toilet spray cannot reach it.

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