Mosquitoes Are Attracted

If you love to garden and dislike pesky mosquitoes, adding mosquito-repelling plants to your landscaping can serve as double duty. Planting to keep mosquitoes at bay doesn’t mean growing foul-smelling plants in your outdoor living spaces. Fortunately, many scents that are pleasing to the human nose are offensive to these bothersome winged creatures. Therefore, planting beautiful, aromatic flowers and herbs among other plants in your flower bed or in decorative pots may help you enjoy the outdoors without having to slap away stinging insects.

11. Basil


Plant basil in your garden and you can ward off annoying mosquitoes while also enjoying the benefits of this fresh herb in your kitchen. You can grow basil among the veggies in your garden or create a shallow herb garden on your outdoor patio. Master Pools Guild provides a recipe to detract pests with a natural basil insect repellent. First, steep 4 ounces of clean, fresh basil in a half-cup of boiled water for several hours. Next, remove the basil leaves and add a half-cup of vodka as a carrier. Place this concoction in a spray bottle and use on your skin as an insect repellent.

10. Catnip


Your cat may enjoy the intoxicating scent of catnip, but mosquitoes do not. In fact, Science Daily reports that nepetalactone, the fragrant essential oil in catnip, is even more effective than DEET at keeping mosquitoes at bay. Do It Yourself provides instructions for making a catnip bug spray by soaking pulverized catnip leaves in boiling water and then straining out the leaves. You can add isopropyl alcohol, vinegar, or other essential oils to your spray bottle along with the catnip brew.


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