9. Citronella


You may be familiar with the use of citronella to repel bugs. This essential oil is a frequent component of mosquito-repelling candles, bug sprays, and torches. However, you can also reap the bug-repulsing benefits of this plant by growing it in your yard. For extra protection against bothersome insects, plant citronella alongside other mosquito-repelling plants. Since mosquitoes love water, it is critical to remove any sources of standing water from your yard. Wading pools, birdbaths, and forgotten water buckets can be sources of stagnant water that attract these disease-carrying pests.

8. Garlic


They say wearing garlic around your neck will ward off vampires. Bloodthirsty mosquitoes may be the real vampires that you are trying to dodge. However, you don’t have to wear a garland of garlic to reap the benefits of this aromatic bulb. Eating garlicky foods may provide double the pleasure by tickling your taste buds and then warding off insects as the garlic travels through your bloodstream. Nonetheless, you don’t even have to eat garlic to enjoy the insect-repelling benefits of this plant. Simply let the garlic work its magic right there in your landscaping.

7. Geraniums


Plants that deter mosquitoes can be beautiful as well as functional. The essential oils in geraniums may repel both mosquitoes and other pesky critters that can damage your crops. Hunker advises planting geraniums alongside cabbages, tomatoes, and roses to protect these plants against damage from beetles and other hungry insects. As a bonus, you get to enjoy the colorful blooms and citrusy scent of the geraniums.

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