6. Lavender


This lovely, aromatic flower is another good choice for warding off those troublesome mosquitoes. Plant lavender among your vegetables to ward off destructive insects. If you grow an abundance of this useful plant, you will discover a myriad of ways you can use it in your home. Create fragrant lavender sachets to store in your closet or drawers to deliver a delightful aroma to your clothing while also warding off moths. Furthermore, HGTV offers tips on making your own lavender oil using fresh lavender, olive oil, and vitamin E capsules.

5. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

The citrusy-smelling lemon balm plant is another plant that gives off an aroma that is pleasing to humans and off-putting to mosquitoes. Gardening Know How warns that this plant can soon take over your garden. To prevent a lemon balm invasion, remove the small white flowers as they bloom. This prevents the seeds from dispersing and invading other parts of your landscaping. In addition to keeping mosquitoes at bay, the leaves of this plant are useful for brewing into a tea, tossing into a salad, flavoring soups, or adding to fragrant sachets.

4. Marigolds


The beautiful red, orange, and yellow blossoms of marigolds will add beauty to any garden. An added bonus to including marigolds in your landscaping is their deterrent effects on mosquitoes. Keep pots or planters of marigolds on your patio or deck to help prevent mosquitoes from interrupting your outdoor relaxation. Furthermore, planting marigolds near your tomato plants may deter aphids from destroying your tomatoes.

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