Over a year of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic finds people around the world excited for events and gatherings to come. Widespread vaccinations and the warmer months offer hope that we can all spend time close together again. Yet the reopening of more public spaces doesn’t automatically mean these places are clean enough to protect from virus spread. 

Even with CDC-approved cleaning and disinfecting practices in place, it’s important to stay cautious and safe as vaccine immunity is put to the test. Read on for a list of 11 reopened places that may never be clean enough to let our guards down in the near future. 

11. Office Buildings


Take a moment to think about how many surfaces in an office could become contaminated with coronavirus. Desks, computer keyboards, staplers, writing utensils, notebooks, and the list goes on and on. If multiple people work in the same office space, the compromised air quality could be the bigger issue unless good ventilation is in use throughout the work day. 

If business offices aren’t able to take care of the costs and manpower necessary for consistent daily cleanings with virus-killing disinfectants, workers and their surrounding communities are still at risk of infection spread. 

10. Ridesharing Vehicles

Car Ridesharing

If you think it will soon be completely safe to take an Uber or Lyft, that might not be the case. There’s no way to be certain that public ridesharing vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each ride. Doing so costs the driver valuable time they could be earning money, and cleaning supply costs for each driver quickly add up. 

There’s also the continued risk of spreading the virus through respiratory droplets between passengers and drivers in such a small, enclosed space. These droplets could quite literally be spread from person to person all over town.


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