6. Restaurants

Busy Restaurant

Spending time in an indoor restaurant to eat requires removing your mask for the meal. Because everyone in a restaurant is also doing the same, restaurants are tough to keep disinfected well enough to prevent virus spread. For safer public dining, choose restaurants where outdoor seating is available and social distancing practices are in place. 

Remember, even though vaccinations are happening at a rapid pace, COVID-19 and its variants are still rapidly spreading. Public dining still comes with substantial infection risk as indoor dining mandates are loosened across the country. 

5. Gyms

Exercise Your Core

Gyms remain high on the list of places that might never be clean enough to avoid virus spread. Why? Because of all the extra respiratory droplets people release when exercising, typically in rooms with poor ventilation. If you use a gym, choose one that allows only a small amount of socially distanced people inside at a time. Bring your own disinfecting wipes and sprays for extra precaution, and wash your used workout clothes immediately. 

Better yet, exercise from home as COVID vaccinations keep rolling out and wait for more infection immunity across the world to drastically increase first. 

4. Public Libraries

drug addiction

Books in the library are handled by countless people. Though libraries are also taking precautions to prevent COVID spread, they might never be clean enough to be truly safe from catching viruses. 

Some libraries aren’t allowing their books to leave the building in order to keep handling them at a bare minimum. That helps, but it only takes one person with the sniffles to contaminate the cover of a thriller novel or library computer keyboard. eBooks might be the only option for now, and can usually be accessed online from home, for library members. 


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