3. Public Swimming Pools

Pool Water

In their myth busters section of COVID-19 information, the CDC’s website states that the coronavirus cannot be transmitted through water. They do, however, warn that the virus can still spread between people using public pools via respiratory droplets in the air. Many public pools have adopted strict cleaning practices during the pandemic, but keeping all areas virus-free isn’t easy. Keep that in mind as more pools are allowed to open in the warm months, before COVID herd immunity is achieved. 

2. Casinos

Casino Slot Machines

Large casinos offer hundreds, if not thousands, of gambling tables and machines. Most casinos are open 24 hours a day. Keeping that amount of high-traffic space and equipment safe from virus spread is a massive undertaking, as well as a huge extra expense. Casinos are also a place people love to enjoy drinks, snacks and meals, encouraging the removal of their protective face masks. It’s hard to believe that these places could ever be clean enough to feel completely safe from catching COVID-19 and other viruses. 

1. Churches

Church Pew

The health risks of spending time in a church and other public places of worship will likely also remain high for a while. These enclosed spaces are rarely well-ventilated. Singing hymns, plus performances by a choir, can spread respiratory droplets at a quicker pace. It’s not the same experience as in-person gatherings, but church services attended through video calls might be the safest way to worship with others for now.

Continued caution and protective practices still makes good sense as more public gathering places reopen before the pandemic has ended. 


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