47. As Your Personal Deodorant

We reiterate here that baking soda is mild enough for direct use on your skin; it can even be used on babies! Therefore, it is certainly good enough to use on our ultra-sensitive underarms! The added advantage is that baking soda is also a natural (and less offensive) deodorizer.

Try it, and you will see it works its charm without unnecessarily drying out your skin like chemical deodorants typically do. So say goodbye to pricey antiperspirants, and a grand hello to this ingredient. It is also more easily accessible and can be bought at your friendly neighborhood grocery store too.

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46. As an Exclusive Hair Product

We do mean exclusive here, as baking soda is best used to remove excess oil from the hair. Otherwise, it can rob the scalp of its natural oil, leaving it dry, itchy, and open to dandruff. But if you live in a city that sweats (literally and metaphorically), baking soda is a good substitute for your fancy weekend shampoo. For this, create a paste by mixing one spoonful of it with water, and apply on your hair from the roots. Leave on for a minute or two, and then rinse with water. Finally, don’t forget to end your weekend luxury bath with a hair conditioner. This will neutralize any dryness caused, and leave your hair extra shiny and smooth.

45. As Your Friendly Antacid

With the modern lifestyle, we now suffer from the odd heartburn more often than we used to before. This could be due to stress, or even that extra slice of pizza taking to you! Either way, we are quick to reach for our preferred antacid, despite the many warnings on its potential side effects. Baking soda is a safer and healthier antacid, even recommended by medical experts.

It has the powerful ability to reduce too much acid (or even alkaline content) in your stomach, thus putting a quick stop to acidity and heartburn. For this, mix one pinch (a quarter of a teaspoon) into a glass of water, and drink up. This can also heal any kidney disorders. Just ensure that you do not make this a daily habit, as too much of it can result in kidney damage.



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