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We’re human. And as such, there are many hygienic functions we must perform throughout the day. However, just because everyone must engage in a particular activity—take burping, for example—doesn’t mean that activity is fine to engage in publicly. It is important to take good care of your body, health, and appearance. Even so, these 11 activities are examples of things that should only be done in your bathroom or the privacy of your own home.

11. Applying Makeup

Applying Makeup

Many individuals feel that carefully applied makeup helps them look and feel their best. As the day goes on, lipstick may fade, mascara may run, and a gentle hint of blush may simply disappear. A quick swipe of lip gloss is perfectly acceptable to apply in public. However, you may want to keep the magic alive by avoiding pulling out your cosmetic bag at your desk, restaurant table, or while sitting at a stoplight. (Applying makeup while driving a car is an additional resounding no-no!)

10. Adjusting Your Underwear


We all wear underwear. And we all experience the discomfort and annoyance of undies that creep up or require adjustment. Fashion-wise, bras and bra straps have become acceptable accents to outfits. And yet, there are occasions in which you may want to consider a bra an undergarment rather than a fashion accessory. Do not suffer needlessly. However, when your undergarments, or the body parts they contain, require adjustment, try to make those adjustments as discreetly as possible. No one wants to see their companions, coworkers, or fellow restaurant guests reach back and relieve a wedgie.


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