6. Picking Your Nose

Picking Nose

This activity is one you should never engage in, whether in public or in the privacy of your home. As fascinated as some individuals are with the detritus they remove from their nose, those around them are more likely to gag. Keep your nose clean and free of mucus and snot by gently blowing into a       tissue. Meanwhile, avoid picking at the inside of your nose. Picking can open up sores that allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream and cause infections. Those around you would also appreciate it if you avoid picking at pimples, scabs, and hangnails.

5. Placing Your Handbag on the Table

Handbag On Table

It can be challenging to find a spot for your purse when dining out. You may not wish to place your expensive bag on the floor. However, handbags can pick up a lot of dirt and germs. You may set your purse next to you in bathroom stalls or on the subway. Then, placing your purse on a table where food is served can transfer those germs to the food. You can find cute handbag hangers to carry in your purse. These hangers allow you to hang your bag from the table rather than placing it on top.

4. Polishing Your Nails

Polishing Nails

Applying or touching up nail polish can be tempting when you have a spare moment or notice a chip in your polish. However, the fumes given off by nail polish can be off-putting to others. Some individuals are highly allergic or sensitive to strong chemical smells. This also applies to the use of nail polish removers with their strong, acetone smells. Applying perfume or cologne can also be highly irritating to those who are allergic to fragrances. Some employers even institute fragrance-free policies in the workplace.



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