9. Simmer Before Grilling

Simmer Before Grilling

There’s no reason to choke down a dry, charred, wiener. To seal in moisture, try simmering your hot dogs in boiling water until they are plump and juicy before grilling them. Better yet, Bon Appetit has a recipe for Beer-Braised Hot Dogs. This recipe calls for simmering your frankfurters in a mixture of beer and sugar before placing them on the grill to finish them off. Simmering your franks before grilling them not only keeps them juicy, it can also keep them from bursting open during the grilling process.

8. For Juiciness, Avoid Splitting Before Cooking

Splitting Before Cooking

If plump, juicy franks are your goal, then avoid carving up your wieners before placing them on the grill. However, making a few small slits or score marks in the hot dogs can prevent the casings from splitting and thereby help to retain moisture. These score marks on your franks can also keep them moist while allowing for a crispy exterior. On the other hand, if you prefer crispiness over juiciness, Epicurious recommends spiral cutting your hot dogs. To spiral cut your franks, place each one on a skewer, and then rotate the skewer while slicing into the dog.

7. Properly Prepare Your Grill

Prepare Your Grill

Char-Broil recommends seasoning your grill grate by rubbing it with canola oil and seasoning it each time you use it. To season your grill the first time, apply canola oil to the unheated grate. Wipe off the excess oil with a paper towel, then heat the grill until the oil has burned off. Seasoned grates are darker in color and will help heat your food to a higher temperature and cook it evenly. Keeping your grill grate well-seasoned and free of burned-on food particles also prevents your hot dogs from sticking. Bring your grill to a high temperature before adding your meat.



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