6. Use Zones for Charcoal Grilling

Charcoal Grilling

If you are using a charcoal grill, avoid tossing your hot dogs on the grill while the coals are at their hottest. In fact, Kingsford advises setting up your charcoal grill with two zones. Keep your charcoal on one side of the grill and leave the other side of the grill empty of charcoal. This allows you to move your hot dogs to the cooler side of the grill if the heat suddenly flares up. The best time to add your wieners to the grill is when the charcoal has turned white.

5. Monitor the Heat

Monitor The Heat

Once your grill has warmed up, you can turn down the heat. For the best results, maintain the temperature of your gas grill at about medium. Too low and your dogs won’t cook to tasty perfection. Too much heat and your wieners can burn or become dry and tasteless. Be prepared to stay right next to the grill during the cooking process, as hot dogs require constant attention.

4. Keep Your Franks Moving

Close To The Grill

When grilling your hot dogs, stay close to the grill. Wieners can cook quickly, and you don’t want to risk burning them. Furthermore, unlike hamburgers, which should be flipped only once during grilling, hot dogs should be kept moving. Use your grill spatula to keep your franks moving around the grill to prevent them from bursting due to high heat. Additionally, continually rotating your hot dogs on the grill allows them to cook thoroughly and evenly.



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