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If you’re not yet a cleaning product label reader, it’s time to become one. The harm certain cleaners can do to our bodies and our homes is more serious than you might think. Not only could the ingredients these cleaners contain be dangerous, but the packaging and how you store them could be potential threats, too. Create a safer environment for your family and preserve your beautiful surfaces by preventing these cleaning products from causing potentially permanent damage.

12. Bleach Cleaners

Bleach (2)

One of the most powerful cleaning products that could cause harm is bleach. If you’re not careful, being exposed to bleach can result in bleach toxicity. Bleach fumes could cause mild to serious irritation of the eyes and respiratory system. Wearing a face mask and goggles when working with bleach might help prevent these irritations.

Never mix bleach with other cleaners or disinfectants, especially anything with ammonia. Doing so could create and release an asphyxiant called chlorine gas. Inhaling this powerful gas could be fatal.

11. Drain Cleaners

Remove Buildup In Your Drains

Household drain cleaners should be used sparingly and with great caution. The harsh chemicals commonly found in the ingredients, like sodium hydroxide, could cause skin and eye irritations or worse. Spilling a drain cleaner with sodium hydroxide on your skin could result in burning and permanent tissue damage.

Wear chemical-resistant gloves and a face mask to prevent the inhalation of drain cleaner fumes. Or try using a homemade mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar (1 cup each) first to see if that clears the clog. You may need to try this natural drain cleaner several times for full effect, but you and your pipes will be safer for it.


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