Creepy Critter

Summer means spending time outdoors with trips to the beach, hikes in the woods, and picnics at the park. Spending time in nature allows you to admire the natural beauty around you. It also provides an opportunity to soak up some vitamin D from the sun and breathe in clean, fresh air. However, time outdoors can also make you a target for those pesky critters known as bugs. Insects are a part of the food chain, and as such many of them play an important role in nature. Unfortunately, they may also cause pain, trigger an allergic reaction, or transmit disease when they sting or bite.

12. Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider

If you come across a spider that is about 1 ½ inches long with a colored hourglass shape on its abdomen, you are meeting up with a black widow spider. Although these arachnids prefer warmer regions, black widow spiders can be found anywhere in the U.S., from Texas to New York City to the Pacific Northwest. These nocturnal critters won’t seek to attack you. However, if disturbed, they are capable of biting and injecting a highly poisonous venom. According to National Geographic, black widow spider bites can cause muscle aches, nausea, and difficulty breathing.

11. Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider is distinguished by the violin-shaped mark on its abdomen. In the U.S., this spider tends to live in the midwestern and southeastern states. Like the black widow, a brown recluse may bite when it feels trapped or provoked. According to Pest World, the venom of a brown recluse spider can trigger an allergic reaction. This reaction can be especially dangerous for small children and the elderly. Symptoms of a brown recluse spider bite may include pain, redness, an open sore, and fever.



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