7. Mosquitoes


The bite of the pesky mosquito not only leaves behind red, itchy bumps but may also transmit dangerous diseases. If you will be spending a lot of time outdoors in the presence of mosquitoes, you may want to invest in a good insect repellent. Create a barrier between your skin and mosquitoes by wearing long sleeves and long pants. Help keep mosquitoes out of your yard by eliminating sources of standing water such as bird baths. Sleeping under mosquito netting can offer protection while camping.

6. Red Fire Ants

Red Fire Ants

Red fire ants can be difficult to wipe out if they move into your home or yard. These ants can deliver a painful sting that often creates a burning sensation. These bites can be fatal for those allergic to the venom. According to Orkin, red fire ant stings leave behind red bumps and white pus-filled nodules. Contact your local exterminator if you sight red fire ants moving in on your territory.

5. Scorpions


While you may think of scorpions as arachnids that live in the desert, different species of scorpions can be found in many different areas of the United States. National Geographic states that 30-40 of the 2,000 species of scorpions can kill a human with their venom. In regions populated with scorpions, keep your home sealed against entry by scorpions and insects. Keep scorpions from hiding out in your yard by removing piles of trash or debris. Lastly, wear shoes to prevent stepping on and being stung by a scorpion.

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