Toxic Chemicals

You may make every effort to take care of your body and your health by consuming nutritious foods, exercising, and getting enough rest. Therefore, you may be dismayed to realize how many common everyday objects in your home may expose you to toxic substances that can destroy your health. When making an effort to avoid toxic chemicals and decrease your risk of illness and cancer, you may want to watch out for these familiar items that may be harboring danger.

12. Air Fresheners

Air Freshener

Air fresheners may be great for improving the smells of stinky bathrooms or musty closets, but they contain chemicals that can be irritants to your lungs. According to Poison Control, air fresheners release substances called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. These compounds can combine with ozone in the air to form chemical pollutants that can be hazardous to your health. In addition to health risks associated with breathing these pollutants over time, they can also be dangerous if swallowed by small children. Poison Control states that air fresheners containing evaporating beads are especially dangerous, as the beads can remain in the intestinal tract and slowly release chemicals over a long period of time.

11. Antibacterial Soaps

Antibacterial Soap

Antibacterial soaps are products that are used in hopes of preventing illness and warding off infections. However, the chemicals contained in these soaps can have negative effects on your health. The FDA recommends avoiding the use of antibacterial soaps in order to curb the development of antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are not susceptible to traditional antibiotics. Since washing your hands with soap and warm water is just as effective at killing germs and preventing illness, there is no need to invest in antibacterial formulations. Ditching antibacterial soaps also prevents environmental contamination by the antibacterial chemicals they contain.


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