10. Maintain Drop-Off Baskets

Drop Off Baskets

Keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs for items that have drifted from where they belong. If you have children, maintain a basket for each child and encourage them to return items to their room whenever they pass by. If clutter gets away from you, utilize baskets when tidying a room. As you pick up discarded items, place them in baskets designated for the kitchen, bedrooms, garage, or laundry room. Once you are finished tidying the room, don’t ignore the baskets. Immediately take each basket to the appropriate room and empty it. Full baskets contribute to clutter and can result in a panic if needed items cannot be found.

9. Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Clean Kitchen Sink

A clean kitchen goes a long way toward making a house feel clean and reducing the anxiety caused by messiness and disarray. The Fly Lady recommends planning to have a clean kitchen sink each night before going to bed. Don’t allow dishes to pile up and create an overwhelming food-splattered mountain. Instead, fill your sink with hot, soapy water before you cook dinner. Then, wash pots, pans, and large mixing bowls as you go. After dinner, immediately clear the table and load the dishwasher. That way you can start the dishwasher before bedtime and wake up to a sparkling kitchen and squeaky clean dishes.

8. Have a Place for Everything

Place 4 Everything

Prevent clutter and the aggravation of misplaced belongings by having a place for everything in your home. Keep a tray near your front door to capture your car keys and loose change when you come home each evening. Have a designated location for placing bills and important papers so they don’t become lost or overlooked. Once you have a home for each of your belongings, be mindful about placing them there after use. Return tools to the garage, dishes to the kitchen, and toys to the playroom when you are finished using them.

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