7. Keep Counters and Tabletops Clear

Tabletops Clear

Counters and tabletops are magnets for clutter. If you commit to keeping them clear, you can go a long way toward defeating clutter. Rather than dropping your purse or briefcase on the table when you arrive home, commit to placing it in its home on a hook or next to your desk. Empty shopping bags as soon as you arrive home and place each item where it belongs. Store appliances and cooking utensils in cupboards and drawers to keep counters clear and ease your ability to wipe them down and keep them clean.

6. Wipe Down Bathroom Sinks as You Use Them

Bathroom Sinks

Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be a chore if you work on it a little bit at a time. Keep cleaning rags under your bathroom sink so you can periodically give your bathroom sink and countertop a wipedown with hot, soapy water after using the facilities. Store a microfiber window cleaning cloth in your bathroom and quickly and easily give the mirror a quick wipe before leaving the room. Even cleaning the toilet can be a breeze if you keep your toilet scrubber and cleaning supplies close at hand.

5. One Item In Means One Item Out

One Item Out

If your belongings have gotten out of control, utilize the technique of discarding unused items every time you bring new belongings into your home. If you purchase a new pair of shoes, plan to discard a long-forgotten pair from the back of your closet. When purchasing new decorative items for your home, don’t tuck older items away in the garage or basement. Commit to decreasing clutter in your home by removing an item every time you purchase a new one.

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