12 Tasty Dishes

It can be challenging to determine how many hot dog buns to buy for your summer cookout. First of all, hot dog buns come in quantities that don’t match up with the number of franks in a package. Secondly, with so many people avoiding carbs or maintaining gluten-free diets, it can be difficult to estimate how many of your guests will actually consume buns. You may find yourself with an abundance of hot dog buns after grilling or hosting a summer party. If so, you may appreciate these yummy dishes you can whip up using those leftover rolls.

12. Bread Crumbs


Having homemade bread crumbs on hand can be helpful for mixing up a batch of meatballs or topping a casserole. To make homemade breadcrumbs, separate the top half of each bun from the bottom and lay the pieces on a cookie sheet. Place in the oven and toast at 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Allow the toasted bread to cool before pulsing in your food processor to the desired consistency. You can add spices such as Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, or garlic powder to make seasoned breadcrumbs. Use immediately, or store in the freezer for up to one month.

11. Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole

Turn your leftover hot dog buns into breakfast by creating a delicious breakfast bake. Use the buns instead of white bread to mix up a savory casserole such as Trisha Yearwood’s Breakfast Sausage Casserole. Cube the buns and combine them with pork sausage, cheddar cheese, half-and-half, eggs, and seasonings for a hearty breakfast. For a sweeter breakfast dish, use day-old hot dog buns to make this recipe for Overnight Blueberry French Toast by Allrecipes. Top cubed buns with cream cheese, eggs, blueberries, milk, and maple syrup for this decadent breakfast delight.

10. Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

You can also enjoy cubed, day-old hot dog buns in Allrecipes’ Bread Pudding II recipe. Bread pudding had its origins as a way to use and enjoy stale bread. Add eggs, raisins, milk, and cinnamon sugar to your leftover buns for a sweet treat. For a savory option, check out the recipe for Savory Bread Pudding with Mushrooms and Parmesan Cheese from Epicurious. Vegetables such as onion, celery, green bell pepper, and parsley combine with mushrooms, Parmesan, and stale bread cubes for a flavorful dish.

9. Croutons


Use day-old hot dog buns to make homemade croutons for topping salads. Simply slice each half bun lengthwise before cutting into cubes. Place in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil before gently mixing well. Spread on a cookie sheet and bake in a 350-degree oven until brown, about 10-15 minutes. To make seasoned croutons, sprinkle with spices such as garlic salt, oregano, basil, and parsley before mixing with olive oil.

8. Garlic Cheese Bread

Garlic Cheese Bread

For a tasty side when serving pasta, use leftover hot dog buns to make garlic cheese bread. Brush each half of your hot dog bun with melted butter before sprinkling with garlic salt and topping with shredded mozzarella. For the best results, shred a block of cheese yourself rather than choosing pre-shredded packages. Pre-shredded cheeses often contain additives to prevent the tiny cheese fragments from sticking together. Unfortunately, this results in cheese that doesn’t melt as well. After topping your hot dog buns, pop in the oven at 350 degrees until the buns are toasted and the cheese is melted and golden brown.

7. French Toast Sticks

French Toast Sticks

Slice your hot dog bun halves into sticks to make yummy French toast sticks. Whip together milk, eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar, then dip the sliced buns into this mixture. Fry the sticks in a pan coated with melted butter, then serve with 100% real maple syrup for dipping. Fresh berries, yogurt, and melon slices make a great accompaniment to this sweet breakfast treat.

6. Meatballs


Turn boring hot dog bun remains into delicious, meaty Italian Style Meatballs. This recipe, by A Family Feast, calls for 3 ounces of bread. After soaking the bread in an egg and milk mixture, you will stir in onion and spices. Finally, you will mix in ground beef, ground pork, and ground veal before scooping into balls and browning on your stovetop. These meatballs are perfect for smothering with tomato sauce, enjoying with mashed potatoes, or including in a meatball soup.

5. Meatball Sandwich

Meatball Sandwich

Now that you have some yummy meatballs, you can enjoy them in a meatball sandwich. Butter both halves of your hot dog buns, then toast them on a griddle or in a pan on your stovetop. Next, warm a jar of spaghetti sauce (or make your own) in a saucepan and add your meatballs. Allow to heat through. Then, use a slotted spoon to scoop the meatballs and some of the sauce onto the toasted buns. Add a slice of mozzarella or provolone cheese and heat in a 350-degree oven until the cheese melts.

4. Panzanella Salad

Panzanella Salad

Toast cubed hot dog bun leftovers in olive oil to make a veggie-packed Panzanella salad. Ina Garten has a Panzanella recipe that includes chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, red onions, basil, and capers. The toasted bread cubes and veggies are tossed with a tasty vinaigrette made up of garlic, Dijon mustard, champagne vinegar, olive oil, and spices. This salad makes a great accompaniment to roast chicken, pan-fried steaks, or grilled portobello mushrooms.

3. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes

Toasted hot dog buns work great for sloppy joes. You can always grab a can of sloppy joe sauce from the store. However, mixing up a batch of homemade sloppy joes is simpler than you might think, and the results taste amazing. Plus, you avoid the additives in canned and processed foods. Try this recipe for The Best Homemade Sloppy Joes sauce from The Chunky Chef. This recipe calls for combing browned ground beef with sautéed green peppers, garlic, and onion. Tomato paste, ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, chili powder, and Worcestershire sauce make up the rich, tomatoey sauce.

2. Soup Thickener

Soup Thickener

If you enjoy a thick soup, you don’t need to resort to adding cream or flour to your broth. There are several techniques you can use to thicken soups with bread. Try Tyler Florence’s recipe for French Onion Soup using toasted hot dog buns in place of the baguette. French onion soup isn’t the only soup that can benefit from a toasted slice of bread on top. Whether you are making a wild mushroom soup, a beef stew, or a vegetable and broth concoction, toasted hot dog buns can add flavor and texture, and help fill you up.

1. Thanksgiving Day Stuffing

Thanksgiving Day Stuffing

There’s no need to buy special croutons for stuffing your turkey when you have leftover hot dog buns. Simply cube your day-old hot dog buns and toast them into croutons before following your usual stuffing recipe. Or try a savory stuffing that the children at your table will get a real kick out of. For example, try Mantitlement’s recipe for Hot Dog Bun Stuffing. This pork sausage stuffing calls for sausage, apple slices, onions, cheese, chicken broth, cream, and toasted hot dog bun pieces. Bake this concoction in the oven for a filling, aromatic casserole.



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