4. Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese often comes in a small block wrapped in foil and sealed in a paper box. This cheese should last three to four weeks past the date printed on the package. Once opened, move cream cheese to a container with an airtight seal, rather than simply folding the foil back over the remaining portion. To prevent introducing bacteria, always use clean utensils when serving up a portion of cream cheese.

3. Store Cheese in Your Vegetable Crisper

Vegetable Crisper

For maximum taste, store your cheese in the vegetable crisper. The consistent temperatures of this area will help keep your cheese at its freshest. The venting feature on your crisper drawers can keep the compartment at high humidity or at low humidity. If you use this feature, store your cheese in a high humidity compartment to maintain moisture. Another reason to keep your cheese in the vegetable crisper is that it is handy for grabbing cheese and fresh fruit to enjoy together.

2. Label Cheese with Dates

Label Cheese With Dates

When placing packages of opened cheese in your refrigerator, be sure to label them with the dates they were opened. Use a permanent marker to label the packaging and save you from guessing on freshness. Consult the handy charts at Eat By Date to know how long various cheeses should last in your refrigerator or freezer.



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