It is not the dreaded diseases such as cancer, heart disease, or kidney failure that trouble your everyday life. Instead, it is the more banal ones that can catch you off-guard and bother you with their recurring presence season after season.

Foremost among them is the common trifecta of small-time diseases. If you haven’t guessed already, we are talking about those much smaller Cs: cough, cold, and the common flu. Nearly every child and adult is sure to have been troubled, repeatedly, by these virulent Cs. In fact, they seem to share an uncanny and assuredly crafty nexus. When one visits, the other two are certain to follow!

This is when you run to your doctor for some quick relief. If you are lucky, you might be put on a heavy diet of paracetamol and ibruprofen pills, menthol throat lozenges, some sugary cough syrups, and a quirky mix of decongestants. Yet, they almost never provide the immediate relief they promise. At best, they leave will leave you yearning for more effective and less expensive solutions.

13. Enter Home Remedies


Home remedies are an underestimated bunch. Sure, they have been around as long as your grandparents have. They are also deceptively simple! It is for this reason that people tend to ignore them in this modern age of science, instead favoring more expensive yet unproductive solutions.

In this article, we will try to take the guesswork out of home remedies and list 12 solid ones that undoubtedly work. Whether you are looking to beat those three common Cs or simply want to make your life better with less medication, these time-tested techniques are almost guaranteed to work!

12. Gargle to Beat the Common Cold


Almost everyone hates suffering from a common cold. It makes breathing difficult and life so bothersome. Yet, it unarguably has one saving grace: it comes with a prior (albeit mild) warning. If you feel the onslaught of a cold coming, it’s time to act with urgency, so you catch it before it catches you. Then you can effortlessly shoo it away!

For this, simply gargle 3-4 times a day with plain water. Untreated, unsalted, undoubtedly uncomplicated. And here’s the best part. Scientific research seems to support this too, as indicated by the positive results conducted on 400 participants in a clinical study. Try this simple solution, and you will be saved from a week of cold-induced aggravation.


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