11. Nourish Yourself with a Wholesome Soup


Okay, so you missed the gargle trick and fell prey to the cold. It’s time for some TLC of the soupy kind. A heartening bowl of soup not only does wonders for your health, it can also beat your cranky self faster than you can blink! But don’t just take our word for it. Soups are also a favorite of the medicine world, especially to combat the nasty effects of a cold or flu.

A warm bowl of soup enhances fluid secretion in your nostrils. This is a good thing, as it quickly relieves congestion and targets the root source of cold and flu. Its warmth also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and relieves the upper part of the respiratory system. This further retards cold symptoms. Here, curry leaves, lemons, and even honey go a long way in creating delicious and effective flu-fighting soups.

10. Sweeten That Cough with a Dollop of Honey


Are you sluggishly hacking your way through the day, courtesy of that awful cough? Perhaps instinct tells you to reach for the “trusted” cough syrup. But did you know that most cough syrups contain some amount of alcohol? We kid you not! This is the reason doctors recommend against giving cough syrup to young children.

Fortunately, there is a sweeter and healthier alternative. Honey is recommended for a bad throat (including coughs), as it quickly soothes the throat. And it helps that it tastes yummy too! However, it should not be given to infants (under 1 year), as they have not yet developed the digestive capacity for honey. For adults and older children, honey is the unequivocal solution!

9. Choose Dark Chocolate to Eliminate Migraines


This one is sure to be a cheerful surprise! We have heard all about the harmful effects of chocolate (like weight gain, rotting teeth, mood swings, etc.), but these evils mostly come from the sugar content. Unsweetened dark chocolate has plenty of benefits with minimal side effects. So if you find yourself overwhelmed by a painful migraine, it is time to gratify your senses, literally, with a good piece of unsweetened dark chocolate.

Migraines typically cause excess blood to rush to the head, making us feel as if our head is going to blow up. Medical experts clarify that the cocoa content in dark chocolate is caffeine of the good kind, and does its bit to slow down and streamline blood flow during headaches. This also means that coffee and tea work as alternatives too, but are a poor second choice to unsweetened dark chocolate.

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