8. Ice Your Headaches Away


Do you remember those old movies where a grandma nursed her grandson’s raging fever continuously with a wet cloth? Well, the ice pack is the modern (and thankfully simpler) solution. Perhaps you feel that your headache is not painful enough to warrant chocolate. Or perhaps you simply aren’t the chocolaty kind.

Either way, a good ice pack can also be used to relieve headaches. Again, it does this by slowing down the blood rushing to your head, which in turn relieves the headache. If you are lacking the conventional ice pack at home, a frozen bag of beans or peas works too. Innovative for sure, but just as effective!

7. Drive Away Nausea with Ginger


There are some of us who feel nauseous at the smallest pretext. We fall sick when we are traveling by car. Or perhaps it is seasickness for some of us. Or our nausea could simply be induced by other medication. Anyway, no matter which way the nausea was triggered, it will surely create a terrible day!

Fortunately, there is ginger root just waiting to jump to our rescue. The pungent taste of ginger and its unique aroma combine to combat the root cause of nausea. It also works as a fantastic digestive aid. So feel free to drink ginger tea 30 minutes before you eat.

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This will work up a healthy appetite and help you digest that food too. If this is not your cup of tea, turn to the root. Chewing on an inch of ginger root 10-15 minutes before your meal is equally effective. If all else fails, there is always (gasp) ginger candy!

6. Banish Hiccups with Sugar


This is one of the very few redeeming qualities of white sugar – its ability to provide an almost instant cure to hiccups. Hiccups aren’t as alarming as they are annoying. They crop up all at once when you just aren’t ready for them. This could be caused by a heavy meal, alcohol indulgence, or even an emotional shock. Experts believe it’s simply your diaphragm acting up.

Fortunately, this isn’t fatal at all. But they are mighty embarrassing, as they cause undue attention to fall on poor old you! Not relishing your spot in the limelight? Just gulp down a spoonful of sugar. This will activate the right (vagus) nerves to get your diaphragm back in shape. It’s a rare day when white sugar helps in a good way!



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