It is not the dreaded diseases such as cancer, heart disease, or kidney failure that trouble your everyday life. Instead, it is the more banal ones that can catch you off-guard and bother you with their recurring presence season after season.

Foremost among them is the common trifecta of small-time diseases. If you haven’t guessed already, we are talking about those much smaller Cs: cough, cold, and the common flu. Nearly every child and adult is sure to have been troubled, repeatedly, by these virulent Cs. In fact, they seem to share an uncanny and assuredly crafty nexus. When one visits, the other two are certain to follow!

This is when you run to your doctor for some quick relief. If you are lucky, you might be put on a heavy diet of paracetamol and ibruprofen pills, menthol throat lozenges, some sugary cough syrups, and a quirky mix of decongestants. Yet, they almost never provide the immediate relief they promise. At best, they leave will leave you yearning for more effective and less expensive solutions.

13. Enter Home Remedies


Home remedies are an underestimated bunch. Sure, they have been around as long as your grandparents have. They are also deceptively simple! It is for this reason that people tend to ignore them in this modern age of science, instead favoring more expensive yet unproductive solutions.

In this article, we will try to take the guesswork out of home remedies and list 12 solid ones that undoubtedly work. Whether you are looking to beat those three common Cs or simply want to make your life better with less medication, these time-tested techniques are almost guaranteed to work!

12. Gargle to Beat the Common Cold


Almost everyone hates suffering from a common cold. It makes breathing difficult and life so bothersome. Yet, it unarguably has one saving grace: it comes with a prior (albeit mild) warning. If you feel the onslaught of a cold coming, it’s time to act with urgency, so you catch it before it catches you. Then you can effortlessly shoo it away!

For this, simply gargle 3-4 times a day with plain water. Untreated, unsalted, undoubtedly uncomplicated. And here’s the best part. Scientific research seems to support this too, as indicated by the positive results conducted on 400 participants in a clinical study. Try this simple solution, and you will be saved from a week of cold-induced aggravation.

11. Nourish Yourself with a Wholesome Soup


Okay, so you missed the gargle trick and fell prey to the cold. It’s time for some TLC of the soupy kind. A heartening bowl of soup not only does wonders for your health, it can also beat your cranky self faster than you can blink! But don’t just take our word for it. Soups are also a favorite of the medicine world, especially to combat the nasty effects of a cold or flu.

A warm bowl of soup enhances fluid secretion in your nostrils. This is a good thing, as it quickly relieves congestion and targets the root source of cold and flu. Its warmth also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and relieves the upper part of the respiratory system. This further retards cold symptoms. Here, curry leaves, lemons, and even honey go a long way in creating delicious and effective flu-fighting soups.

10. Sweeten That Cough with a Dollop of Honey


Are you sluggishly hacking your way through the day, courtesy of that awful cough? Perhaps instinct tells you to reach for the “trusted” cough syrup. But did you know that most cough syrups contain some amount of alcohol? We kid you not! This is the reason doctors recommend against giving cough syrup to young children.

Fortunately, there is a sweeter and healthier alternative. Honey is recommended for a bad throat (including coughs), as it quickly soothes the throat. And it helps that it tastes yummy too! However, it should not be given to infants (under 1 year), as they have not yet developed the digestive capacity for honey. For adults and older children, honey is the unequivocal solution!

9. Choose Dark Chocolate to Eliminate Migraines


This one is sure to be a cheerful surprise! We have heard all about the harmful effects of chocolate (like weight gain, rotting teeth, mood swings, etc.), but these evils mostly come from the sugar content. Unsweetened dark chocolate has plenty of benefits with minimal side effects. So if you find yourself overwhelmed by a painful migraine, it is time to gratify your senses, literally, with a good piece of unsweetened dark chocolate.

Migraines typically cause excess blood to rush to the head, making us feel as if our head is going to blow up. Medical experts clarify that the cocoa content in dark chocolate is caffeine of the good kind, and does its bit to slow down and streamline blood flow during headaches. This also means that coffee and tea work as alternatives too, but are a poor second choice to unsweetened dark chocolate.

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8. Ice Your Headaches Away


Do you remember those old movies where a grandma nursed her grandson’s raging fever continuously with a wet cloth? Well, the ice pack is the modern (and thankfully simpler) solution. Perhaps you feel that your headache is not painful enough to warrant chocolate. Or perhaps you simply aren’t the chocolaty kind.

Either way, a good ice pack can also be used to relieve headaches. Again, it does this by slowing down the blood rushing to your head, which in turn relieves the headache. If you are lacking the conventional ice pack at home, a frozen bag of beans or peas works too. Innovative for sure, but just as effective!

7. Drive Away Nausea with Ginger


There are some of us who feel nauseous at the smallest pretext. We fall sick when we are traveling by car. Or perhaps it is seasickness for some of us. Or our nausea could simply be induced by other medication. Anyway, no matter which way the nausea was triggered, it will surely create a terrible day!

Fortunately, there is ginger root just waiting to jump to our rescue. The pungent taste of ginger and its unique aroma combine to combat the root cause of nausea. It also works as a fantastic digestive aid. So feel free to drink ginger tea 30 minutes before you eat.

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This will work up a healthy appetite and help you digest that food too. If this is not your cup of tea, turn to the root. Chewing on an inch of ginger root 10-15 minutes before your meal is equally effective. If all else fails, there is always (gasp) ginger candy!

6. Banish Hiccups with Sugar


This is one of the very few redeeming qualities of white sugar – its ability to provide an almost instant cure to hiccups. Hiccups aren’t as alarming as they are annoying. They crop up all at once when you just aren’t ready for them. This could be caused by a heavy meal, alcohol indulgence, or even an emotional shock. Experts believe it’s simply your diaphragm acting up.

Fortunately, this isn’t fatal at all. But they are mighty embarrassing, as they cause undue attention to fall on poor old you! Not relishing your spot in the limelight? Just gulp down a spoonful of sugar. This will activate the right (vagus) nerves to get your diaphragm back in shape. It’s a rare day when white sugar helps in a good way!

5. Straighten Leg Cramps with Magnesium


Let’s move on to the lower parts of the body. Leg cramps can hit you hard and debilitate you in seconds. You might be ardently working out one instant, and in the next, you freeze up to a giant ouch! This painful symptom is mostly triggered by dehydration. When our body loses excess water, it also loses vital minerals. Of particular importance is magnesium, which is responsible for maintaining the balance and normalcy of our nervous system.

Conversely, that painful leg cramp can be straightened out in little time by loading up on magnesium. The easiest and quickest way to do this is getting a pack of magnesium citrate powder and drink it diluted in a glass of water. Electrolyte drinks help too. But choose with care, as some of them are high in caffeine and cause hyperactivity. This works against resting your body to ease cramps.

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Drinking water helps with cramps as well. You do not have to drive to the store; you can just remain at home and drink some water to alleviate a cramp issue.

4. Soothe Menstrual Pains with Chamomile


Of course, there are menstrual cramps that women periodically suffer from. Some believe that there is no getting away from this natural activity. And the clever ones believe that chamomile can bring well-deserved relief! The way to use it is to brew some tea.

Wait, don’t drink up yet! This goes on your abdomen and not in your mouth. Yes, the chamomile tea belongs in a hot bag or a heating pad. You can also dip a washcloth in the tea and place it on and around your abdomen. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes. It gently massages the abdominal organs and sends the cramps well on their way.

3. Dismiss Sunburns with Tea


The modern man faces a peculiar dichotomy. On one hand, we are told to get more vitamin D from nature’s most plentiful source, the sun. On the other hand, we are constantly warned about sunburns and other sun-induced damage. Confusing much? While sunblock certainly helps, some of us may venture out in the sun unwarned and unarmed. This is where tea helps.

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Simply place a cold tea bag (thaw after freezing) on the affected area, and let it rest for a few minutes. Tea has decisive anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce sun damage to a manageable extent. It also relieves redness caused by excess (or unarmed) exposure to the sun.

2. Brighten Your Smile with Salt


Salt not only adds a palatable flavor to our food, it makes our teeth a whole lot whiter and brighter too. In fact, you will see some toothpastes include salt in their ingredients. Some people consider salt too abrasive to be used directly on the teeth. For this, dilute it in a glass of water, and rinse your dental blues away. It strengthens your gums with its anti-microbial properties, and is especially soothing on sore gums.

Other home remedies to enhance your smile include crunching on fresh apples, carrots, and strawberries. This may surprise you, but they are all packed with malic acid, which improves dental hygiene and whitens teeth. So here’s another reason to go all out on those fruits and veggies!

1. Remove Warts Painlessly with Duct Tape


Warts are generally harmless and painless, yet they are undeniably ugly. Don’t let warts ruin your looks or your confidence, especially when they are so effortless to heal. Expensive skin creams may work, or they may not. Or you could go home and slap on some duct tape.

As is expected, the tape will literally suffocate the life out of the wart. The trick is to clean the entire area before taping and religiously change the tape before it gets old or infected. Remove, clean and tape every couple of days until the wart disappears from mind and sight forever.

Stay Healthy with Home Remedies


Home remedies are common-sense solutions to common problems. With modern lifestyles, the more popular way to beat any disease is to pop a pill or two. Or even more! And before you know it, you are addicted to it. In contrast, home remedies are mostly natural, assuredly safe, and ridiculously inexpensive.

In fact, you are likely to find most of these healthy ingredients already in your home. Try out these remedies with some patience, and we assure you, you will need less and less of that pill or two. As the revised adage goes, “A home remedy a day keeps the doctor away!”

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