Common Dreams

According to the National Sleep Foundation, you probably dream four to six times each night. Dreaming occurs during REM sleep, the time of slumber during which your brain is the most active. While you probably do not remember most of your dreams, there are a few common dreams that seem to stick with people. Some are scary, some are funny, and some are just plain puzzling. Here are 13 common dreams and some theories as to what your brain may be trying to tell you through these dreams.

13. Falling


In this dream, you may be falling swiftly through space. Whether you have slipped off a cliff, stepped into a black hole, or dropped through the floor, you are suddenly airborne and speedily plummeting. As you might surmise, the falling dream may signify that you are feeling that you have been disappointed, let down, or abandoned. A loss of control over your own life can trigger such a dream. suggests several possible life situations that may be linked to the falling dream. They include fear of a job loss, relationship problems, low self-confidence, and dealing with a situation beyond your control.

12. Flying


The flying dream can be exhilarating or terrifying. Psychologist and dream expert Ian Wallace declares that dreaming of flying represents your feelings of being released from a situation that was holding you back. While some dreams may find you zooming through the air like a bird, other dreams may involve fanciful aircraft. Wallace explains that the airplane or machine you discover yourself flying reflects your own talents in your waking life. Therefore, a more unique or unusual flying machine represents your more unique and personal talents.


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