11. Being Cheated On

Being Cheated On

If you dream that your lover is cheating on you, the obvious reason is that you fear being cheated on in real life. You may actually suspect cheating, or simply feel insecure in your relationship. Another possibility is that you sense someone or something is coming between you and your lover. Clearly, your dreams of infidelity may be related to insecurities in your daily life or relationship. However, PsycholoGenie points out that your dreams may also be related to something innocuous, like watching a television program before you went to bed that night in which someone cheated.

10. Running from Someone or Something


Waking up in a sweat with lingering visions of someone chasing you can be stressful. It is a relief to realize it was just a dream. However, it can take a few minutes to shake off the feelings of anxiety. Running from something in your dream may mean there is something in your life causing you unease. DreamStop suggests that running from a bull signifies trouble at work. Running in slow motion may mean you need to slow down and evaluate your current relationships. Furthermore, DreamStop suggests running through streets may signify money issues.

9. Discovering You Are Unable to Run

Unable To Run

Running from something while dreaming can be exhausting. Meanwhile, being frozen and unable to move can be even scarier. DreamStop discusses being rooted in one spot and unable to move forward. This dream may represent needing to take responsibility for problems that are about to catch up with you. You may wish to take stock of your life and see if there are any challenges you have been pushing to the side rather than facing head-on. It may be best to take responsibility for these issues and handle them while doing so is within your control.

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