8. Experiencing School Anxieties

School Anxieties

It is one thing to dream about failing a test if you are a student still in school. Yet, the dream of being in school and unable to find your locker may persist long after you have retired your backpack and number 2 pencils. Decades after leaving school, you may experience a dream where you show up for your algebra final. Then, you realize you have somehow missed the entire semester of instruction. The most straightforward interpretation is that you are experiencing anxiety or stress in your job, and your mind is flashing back to teenage pressures.

7. Losing Your Teeth

Losing Your Teeth

This bizarre dream can seem very real. You may find yourself desperate to keep your teeth in your mouth as they crumble. Or they may begin to wiggle, come loose, and roll about in your mouth. One interpretation says that anything to do with your mouth signifies your regret over something you have said in real life. Meanwhile, Ian Wallace suggests that this dream represents your loss of confidence. As your self-assurance fails, so do your teeth, leaving you wanting just to keep your mouth shut rather than speaking up and putting yourself out there.

6. Suffering the Death of a Loved One

Suffering The Death

Unless you consider yourself a psychic, this is a dream you should not take too literally. A dream that someone you love has died does not predict imminent death. It may just be your subconscious mourning the closing of a chapter as you move from one stage of life to another. Perhaps you are changing jobs, experiencing a change in seasons, or simply completing one task and moving on to a new challenge. Of course, if this dream prompts you to hold a loved one a little closer or commit to spending more time with that person, you both win!

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