2. Experiencing Pregnancy

Experiencing Pregnancy

A pregnancy dream may signify your desire to be pregnant. However, it is very possible that this dream has nothing to do with actual pregnancy and childbirth. According to Dream Moods, this dream may symbolize not the birth of a child, but the birth of a new idea. Perhaps there is a new idea taking root in your mind that you need to develop and bring to fruition. Meanwhile, if a baby appears in your dream, this may represent the wonder and excitement of a new beginning and future potential.

1. Driving Out of Control

Driving Out Of Control

You may dream that you are behind the wheel of a car when suddenly the vehicle does not respond to your control. Perhaps the car accelerates when you are trying to put on the brakes. You may find yourself wildly careening around curves with no control over your speed or direction. Perhaps your car even heads into a tailspin. According to Dream Bible, driving an out-of-control car may represent your feelings of a loss of control in your waking life. Meanwhile, driving without being able to see the road ahead may mean you have lost sight of your life goals.



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