Common Dreams

According to the National Sleep Foundation, you probably dream four to six times each night. Dreaming occurs during REM sleep, the time of slumber during which your brain is the most active. While you probably do not remember most of your dreams, there are a few common dreams that seem to stick with people. Some are scary, some are funny, and some are just plain puzzling. Here are 13 common dreams and some theories as to what your brain may be trying to tell you through these dreams.

13. Falling


In this dream, you may be falling swiftly through space. Whether you have slipped off a cliff, stepped into a black hole, or dropped through the floor, you are suddenly airborne and speedily plummeting. As you might surmise, the falling dream may signify that you are feeling that you have been disappointed, let down, or abandoned. A loss of control over your own life can trigger such a dream. suggests several possible life situations that may be linked to the falling dream. They include fear of a job loss, relationship problems, low self-confidence, and dealing with a situation beyond your control.

12. Flying


The flying dream can be exhilarating or terrifying. Psychologist and dream expert Ian Wallace declares that dreaming of flying represents your feelings of being released from a situation that was holding you back. While some dreams may find you zooming through the air like a bird, other dreams may involve fanciful aircraft. Wallace explains that the airplane or machine you discover yourself flying reflects your own talents in your waking life. Therefore, a more unique or unusual flying machine represents your more unique and personal talents.

11. Being Cheated On

Being Cheated On

If you dream that your lover is cheating on you, the obvious reason is that you fear being cheated on in real life. You may actually suspect cheating, or simply feel insecure in your relationship. Another possibility is that you sense someone or something is coming between you and your lover. Clearly, your dreams of infidelity may be related to insecurities in your daily life or relationship. However, PsycholoGenie points out that your dreams may also be related to something innocuous, like watching a television program before you went to bed that night in which someone cheated.

10. Running from Someone or Something


Waking up in a sweat with lingering visions of someone chasing you can be stressful. It is a relief to realize it was just a dream. However, it can take a few minutes to shake off the feelings of anxiety. Running from something in your dream may mean there is something in your life causing you unease. DreamStop suggests that running from a bull signifies trouble at work. Running in slow motion may mean you need to slow down and evaluate your current relationships. Furthermore, DreamStop suggests running through streets may signify money issues.

9. Discovering You Are Unable to Run

Unable To Run

Running from something while dreaming can be exhausting. Meanwhile, being frozen and unable to move can be even scarier. DreamStop discusses being rooted in one spot and unable to move forward. This dream may represent needing to take responsibility for problems that are about to catch up with you. You may wish to take stock of your life and see if there are any challenges you have been pushing to the side rather than facing head-on. It may be best to take responsibility for these issues and handle them while doing so is within your control.

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8. Experiencing School Anxieties

School Anxieties

It is one thing to dream about failing a test if you are a student still in school. Yet, the dream of being in school and unable to find your locker may persist long after you have retired your backpack and number 2 pencils. Decades after leaving school, you may experience a dream where you show up for your algebra final. Then, you realize you have somehow missed the entire semester of instruction. The most straightforward interpretation is that you are experiencing anxiety or stress in your job, and your mind is flashing back to teenage pressures.

7. Losing Your Teeth

Losing Your Teeth

This bizarre dream can seem very real. You may find yourself desperate to keep your teeth in your mouth as they crumble. Or they may begin to wiggle, come loose, and roll about in your mouth. One interpretation says that anything to do with your mouth signifies your regret over something you have said in real life. Meanwhile, Ian Wallace suggests that this dream represents your loss of confidence. As your self-assurance fails, so do your teeth, leaving you wanting just to keep your mouth shut rather than speaking up and putting yourself out there.

6. Suffering the Death of a Loved One

Suffering The Death

Unless you consider yourself a psychic, this is a dream you should not take too literally. A dream that someone you love has died does not predict imminent death. It may just be your subconscious mourning the closing of a chapter as you move from one stage of life to another. Perhaps you are changing jobs, experiencing a change in seasons, or simply completing one task and moving on to a new challenge. Of course, if this dream prompts you to hold a loved one a little closer or commit to spending more time with that person, you both win!

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5. Finding Yourself Naked


The naked dream. Unless you regularly find yourself out in public without clothes on, you would think finding yourself naked would signal to you that you are dreaming. However, this bizarre dream can seem all too real as you attempt to cover yourself or find a hiding spot. This dream may represent your fears of being exposed, vulnerable, or not measuring up. You may experience this dream when you are about to face a situation you feel unprepared for or nervous about.

4. Meeting a Celebrity

Meeting A Celebrity

According to DreamBible, dreaming about a celebrity can mean several different things. You may dream about a star because you frequently watch that person on television or spend a lot of waking time thinking about him or her. You may dream about a personality you didn’t realize you have an attachment to if you feel that person embodies attributes or characteristics that you admire. For instance, if you prize intelligence, you may dream about a famous person you perceive to be intelligent. If you admire hard work and perseverance, you may dream about a celebrity you feel portrays these characteristics.

3. Oversleeping


Dreaming you have overslept and missed that big meeting at work or your airline flight may simply signify a genuine fear of oversleeping. It may also represent your fear of missing out on something more significant in your life. Dream Visions states that dreaming you have slept through your alarm may represent your anxiety that you may fail to uphold your responsibilities and obligations.

2. Experiencing Pregnancy

Experiencing Pregnancy

A pregnancy dream may signify your desire to be pregnant. However, it is very possible that this dream has nothing to do with actual pregnancy and childbirth. According to Dream Moods, this dream may symbolize not the birth of a child, but the birth of a new idea. Perhaps there is a new idea taking root in your mind that you need to develop and bring to fruition. Meanwhile, if a baby appears in your dream, this may represent the wonder and excitement of a new beginning and future potential.

1. Driving Out of Control

Driving Out Of Control

You may dream that you are behind the wheel of a car when suddenly the vehicle does not respond to your control. Perhaps the car accelerates when you are trying to put on the brakes. You may find yourself wildly careening around curves with no control over your speed or direction. Perhaps your car even heads into a tailspin. According to Dream Bible, driving an out-of-control car may represent your feelings of a loss of control in your waking life. Meanwhile, driving without being able to see the road ahead may mean you have lost sight of your life goals.

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