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Dining out allows you to enjoy a meal without all the fuss and bother of shopping, food preparation, and cleanup. Avoiding the work associated with cooking allows you to relax and enjoy delicious foods and the company of loved ones. Expensive restaurants provide a welcome venue for celebrating special moments and life events. Meanwhile, it is also handy to have a favorite restaurant in mind for those times when you simply want to grab a tasty and nutritious bite to eat. While dining out is convenient, it is not the most inexpensive way to enjoy a meal. Check out the high markups on the following restaurant items.

13. Edamame


Salty and fun to pop out of the pod, edamame is a staple at sushi bars and Japanese restaurants. These soybeans are high in protein and rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, and manganese. They are also an inexpensive form of fiber that can be found in your grocery store freezer. Trader Joe’s sells a 16-ounce bag of Lightly Salted Edamame for $1.99. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for restaurants to charge $6 or more for that same edamame appetizer served with a sprinkling of sea salt and a shaker of soy sauce.

12. Eggs

Eating Eggs

Eggs are perfect little packages of protein and nutrients. Two scrambled eggs provide 28% of your daily protein requirements along with a good dose of riboflavin, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium. You can make your own two-egg scramble at home for around 44 cents. Meanwhile, two eggs at Waffle House could run you $3.60. Epicurious has a recipe for fluffy Scrambled Eggs made with eggs, butter, salt, pepper, and two tablespoons of water.



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