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Since drugstore chains have popped up on every corner, they seem to be convenient places to run in for a few items here or there. It might be convenient to knock a few items off your list of necessities when you are in the store picking up your prescriptions. However, if you are looking to save money, the drugstore is probably not the place to stretch your dollars. You may want to consider whether the convenience of running into the drugstore is worth the extra cash you may be spending there.

13. Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Drugstores usually have racks of greeting cards and aisles of gift wrap to go along with those cards. However, if you are looking to wish a loved one a happy occasion without breaking the bank, you may want to skip these drugstore aisles. Greeting cards and gift wrap can often be found at rock bottom prices at the dollar store. Why spend five dollars on a card that will end up in someone’s recycling bin? The dollar store allows you to happily express the same sentiment at the price of two cards for a dollar.

12. Party Supplies

Party Supplies

When preparing for a party, skip the party aisle at the drugstore. Plastic tablecloths, decorative paper plates, streamers, and party favors can all be found at low prices at your favorite dollar store. The dollar store can also be a great place for themed party supplies, such as graduations in the spring, luaus in the summer, or Halloween in the fall.


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