11. Hair Supplies

Hair Supplies

Your local drugstore probably has several racks of hair supplies, but don’t go looking there for a deal. The dollar store often has hair brushes, bobby pins, hair ties, and even shampoo at ultra-low prices. Big box stores also carry hair supplies at lower prices than you are likely to find at the corner drugstore.

10. Food


It may be convenient to grab a carton of eggs or a tub of ice cream on your way out of the pharmacy, but this probably isn’t the place to score a good deal. Better prices can usually be found at the grocery store or discount warehouse. While an occasional gallon of milk won’t break the bank and may be worth it to save an extra trip to the store, over time these small purchases can add up.

9. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Your local drugstore may carry a dizzying array of gift cards to local restaurants, movie theaters, and online retailers. While you get what you pay for when purchasing these gift cards, you can usually score a deal by purchasing them at discounted prices in wholesale clubs. Gift card websites can be handy places to shop for discounted new or resold gift cards.


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