5. Brand Name Diapers

Brand Name Diapers

Brand name diapers can have a steep price tag at the drugstore. Furthermore, while you may be able to find generic versions on the shelves, the quality may suffer. And a leaky diaper is not a cost-effective substitute. Parents offers tips for finding the best deals on diapers. Buy diapers in bulk online or at a discount club, shop for sales, and clip coupons to get the best value for these expensive items.

4. Books


If a book catches your eye while in line at the drugstore, you may want to wait until you can enjoy it for a better price. The best prices on books can be found from online retailers for either brand new or used copies. A secondhand shop is another great place to score a great read for only pennies. Of course, nothing beats a trip to the local library for finding great books. The best part is, it won’t cost you a dime!

3. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories

The corner drugstore often carries an array of smartphone accessories, including car chargers, earbuds, and portable chargers. While it is convenient to run in and grab these items when you are in a rush, they probably won’t come at the lowest prices. Find smartphone accessories at lower prices at big box stores, or order them online.

2. Brand Name Trash Bags

Brand Name Trash Bags

Brand name trash bags can be found for lower prices at big box stores and discount warehouse clubs. You may be tempted to purchase generic brands at the drugstore, but beware that quality often suffers. A trash bag that rips and dumps coffee grounds, egg shells, and food remnants on your floor is not a money saver.

1. Snacks


Don’t be tempted by the dazzling displays of candy, chips, and other snacks on drugstore shelves. These sweet or savory snacks often come with a higher price tag than those found at your local grocery or big box store. If you are motivated by saving money, watch for sales on your favorite items and pick them up when they are at a discount.

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