getting rid of stress

Stress is something that we all have to deal with throughout our lives, yet many of us are not well-equipped to handle it. Some people can manage stress without much trouble, while others let the stress swallow them whole. To avoid getting swallowed up by stress, follow these 13 quick strategies for getting rid of stress.

1. Get Some Fresh Air

fresh air

There’s something naturally special about fresh air. Most of us go through most of our day breathing in recycled air, whether it’s from the office, an air-conditioned car, or even in the house when the weather isn’t perfect and the windows are closed. So, if you ever feel like stress is building up, it may be a good idea to open up the window and get some quality fresh air. You may even attempt to get some exercise as well by taking a quick walk outdoors.

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2. Try to Fix Your Posture

good posture

Some of us are just natural slouches and would be very surprised to learn that a bad posture can do more than just affect your physical health. Slouching and slumping puts extra and unnecessary physical stress on the body, but can also affect how you feel mentally and emotionally. By simply taking a few steps daily to improve your posture, you can immediately improve your stress levels. Poor posture has also been linked to depression, anxiety, and irritability, so improving your posture will help with that as well.


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