11. Wooden Items

Wooden Items

It may be tempting to pop your wooden cutting board into the dishwasher, but hot water can warp the wood. Wash wooden cutting boards and wooden utensils by hand to prevent warping and splintering. After washing your cutting board in warm soapy water, allow it to air dry upright. A great way to keep your wooden cutting board fresh each month is to sprinkle it with salt and scour with half of a lemon. Allow it to sit for five minutes, rinse, and dry.

10. Copper Pots and Pans

Copper Pots And Pans

To preserve the shine and beauty of copper pots, pans, and drinkware, keep them away from your dishwasher. The harsh conditions of your dishwasher will dull the finish. Clean your copper items in warm water with a mild detergent. To preserve the shine, polish them with copper cleaner or make your own using vinegar and salt.

9. Family Heirlooms

Family Heirlooms

If you have a special dish passed down from Grandma, don’t place it in your dishwasher to be tossed around. Nicks and chips can occur in the often violent conditions of this appliance. Instead, wash Granny’s heirlooms by hand. This also goes for newer treasures such as personalized photo mugs. The heat of the dishwasher can cause the pictures to fade. To keep that adorable Mother’s Day gift from changing color, wash it by hand.



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