5. Nonstick Pots and Pans

Nonstick Pots

Check the manufacturer’s directions for washing your nonstick pots and pans. Unless the manufacturer specifically states that your pans are dishwasher safe, wash them by hand. To be extra protective of your purchase, wash by hand even if the manufacturer says it is dishwasher safe. Over time, the chemicals in dishwasher detergent can break down the finish on your nonstick pans. To prevent nonstick coating from crumbling and flaking off into your food as you cook, wash your pans in hot, soapy water and dry with a towel.

4. Insulated Drinkware

Paper Labels

To continue enjoying the benefits of insulated drinkware—which keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold—wash them by hand. The high temperatures of your dishwasher can damage the vacuum seal of insulated cups and mugs. The average dishwasher heats your water between 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit, while the dry cycle of the dishwasher reaches around 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Garlic Press

Garlic Press

The tiny holes and crevices in your garlic press can trap bits of garlic, but this handy gadget doesn’t belong in your dishwasher. To get your press thoroughly clean, wash it by hand, using a toothpick to remove any garlic trapped in the holes. Another convenient utensil that deserves personal attention is your cheese grater. Immediately after using, run your grater under a stream of hot water to remove any residue. To avoid grating your hands, wipe with a sponge in the direction of the blades, not against them.



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