2. Paper Labels

Paper Labels

It’s great to reuse jars and bottles, but don’t pop them into your dishwasher without removing the paper labels first. The hot temperatures of the washer will loosen the glue, and you will end up with clumps of paper gumming up the interior of your appliance. Soak your jars in a mixture of hot water and washing soda, and the labels should slide right off. Use additional washing soda and water to scrub away stubborn spots of glue residue. Now your jars can safely go in the dishwasher without leaving a mess.

1. Printed Measuring Cups

Measuring Cup

Those handily printed measuring cups aren’t so handy when the numbers have faded or chipped off. To avoid having the printing eaten away by the corrosive chemicals in dishwasher detergent, wash these items by hand. Dishwashing doesn’t have to be drudgery if you fill up your sink with hot, soapy water while you are cooking. Washing items as you go along prevents the overwhelming clutter of a counter loaded with dirty pots and pans. It also means you can relax and enjoy your meal without facing a mountain of dirty dishes. Just pop your dishwasher safe items into the dishwasher after your dessert and enjoy the evening.



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