9. Gapping Floor Boards

Gapping Floor Boards

Gaps between floorboards can also indicate structural issues. According to JES Foundation Repair, sagging floor joists or foundation settling can contribute to gaps in your floorboards and spaces between your walls and baseboards. If you notice these issues, calling a structural engineer is your first step toward protecting your home and family.

8. Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can be signs of simple problems, such as a loose light bulb. They can also indicate more severe and dangerous issues. Symptoms of overloaded electrical circuits may include flickering lights, frequently blown fuses, and hot or discolored wall fixtures. Faulty wiring can cause fires. Call an electrician if you suspect electrical problems are triggering your flickering lights.

7. Lint Build-Up

Lint Build Up

The lint that can build up in your dryer is a serious fire hazard. Be sure to clean your lint trap after every drying cycle. Sometimes, lint is sucked further into the dryer vent. Since lint is highly combustible, heat from the heating element of the dryer can then ignite a fire. Check your owner’s manual for instructions on cleaning out your dryer vent. You should clean out your dryer vent once each year after turning off the gas and unplugging the appliance.



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