Warehouse clubs, with their large quantities at low prices, can be great for stocking up on items your family uses frequently. Sometimes bigger really is better, and large quantities provide more bang for your buck. Other times, buying in bulk results in throwing out food, or worse yet, consuming spoiled or stale items. When considering buying in bulk, steer clear of the following items unless you will be able to use them quickly.

14. Brown Rice

brown rice

While properly stored white rice has a shelf life of four to five years, brown rice (as well as wild rice) contains natural oils that will cause it to spoil if it is kept longer than six to eight months. To keep uncooked brown rice fresh longer, you can store it in the refrigerator for eight to 12 months. Steer clear of the 10- or 20-pound bags of brown rice found in your local warehouse store unless you will be eating them within six months.

13. Canned Vegetables

Canned Vegetables

Canned vegetables do have a long shelf life of one to two years when they are stored in a dry, cool area. Stocking up on these items means veggies are always close at hand. However, bulk packages of canned goods tend to contain only one type of vegetable. This may be convenient for items you use frequently. For instance, if you make a weekly batch of spaghetti sauce from canned diced tomatoes, you may need to stock up on tomatoes. However, avoid purchasing bulk quantities of little-used vegetables that may sit on your shelf for extended periods.



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