12. Cereal


The bulk boxes of cereal at the warehouse club are usually comparable to the cereals you can find at your local grocery store. However, if you are shopping in bulk to save money, you are better off watching for sales at the grocery store. Seek out sales and cut coupons to get the best price on packaged cereals. The good news is that unopened cereals have a shelf life of up to one year.

11. Spices

Spice Mixes

Those tall canisters of spices available at warehouse clubs won’t remain fresh and flavorful forever. This Eat By Date website provides a handy chart of expiration dates for commonly used spices. In general, fresh herbs last for five to seven days, while ground and dried herbs are good for two to three years. Whole spices can last as long as four to five years. Proper storage is important for these spices to retain their flavor and potency. Store them in tightly sealed containers in a cool, dark cabinet away from the heat and humidity of your oven or kitchen sink.

10. Coffee

Coffee Beans

To enjoy ground coffee at its maximum freshness, buy quantities you will consume within three to five months. After this period of time, coffee loses the robust flavor and earthy aroma that are essential to the coffee experience. Whole beans will last six months in your pantry and up to three years in the freezer. If you have the freezer space to buy whole coffee beans in bulk, you can grind your own beans for that fresh coffee taste. Otherwise, stick to smaller quantities you can enjoy at maximum freshness.

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