10. Use to cook meat

Coke Toilet Cleaner

Mix up Coke and ketchup for a sweet BBQ sauce. You can also use the Coke solo to baste ham or another meat. The sugars caramelize as the meat cooks, and it adds a little sweetness to the pot. Coke mixed with Italian seasoning can be a great marinade for a tough piece of meat.

Braise sausages in Coke to add flavor. Use the leftover liquid to caramelize onions to go with the sausages.

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9. First aid


A teaspoon of flat Coke can help relieve nausea or diarrhea. Try gargling with ice-cold Coke to get rid of hiccups. Hot Coke is good for relieving congestion.

Coke can neutralize a jellyfish bite or wasp sting. The venom is alkaline, and Coke is acidic. However, if you are allergic, you should get to the hospital right away. Bee sting venom is acidic. Coke may help relieve the pain due to its coolness, but it won’t neutralize the venom.

8. As a pesticide


For your next picnic, set out open cans of Coke to catch bugs. When they sit on the can, you can easily kill them. It also gives them another place to land instead of on your food. Wasps will drown in the liquid.

Some farmers in India are said to use Coke as a pesticide, but the company denies that there is anything in the drink that will kill bugs. Many people spray Coke on ant hills or cockroaches to destroy the nests because the insects cannot digest the carbonation.


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