7. Make a fountain


Just for fun. If you’ve never added Mentos to a bottle of Coke, try it once. Make sure to go outside to appreciate the fountain effect. Get a 2-liter bottle of Coke. Crush up Mentos candies, then add them to the bottle. The bottle needs to be on a level surface and stable enough to stand upright. Some recommend four Mentos, while some say seven is the perfect number. It can create a fountain up to 20-feet, so get back. Best enjoyed with lots of friends around.

6. As a mixer

rum and coke

Coke mixes well with rum, vodka and Jack Daniels, but it is also used for many popular drinks, including a Long Island Iced Tea, Cuba Libre and a Mad Hatter. Some bartenders have even mixed Coke and red wine for a drink called Diablo’s Blood.

5. For your hair

curling hair

Flat Coke is said to make hair curly. Pour it onto wet hair. Let it sit a few minutes, then rinse. It also fades hair color. If you dye your hair too dark, try some Coke on the hair to lighten it up before going back to your stylist.

You can use Coke to remove gum from your hair. You might have to leave it on for a few minutes before working on the gum, but try this before cutting your hair. Try Coke on your shoes or clothing to remove gum, too.


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