4. On your skin


Mix 1 tablespoon of flat Coke into your moisturizer before using the cream on your skin. It helps your skin glow and be smoother. Another website recommends using Coke on the skin to get a deep tan, but remember that there is no sunscreen in Coke. This could be disastrous.

3. In your hobbies

coin collection

Place coins in a bowl of Coke. Let the money sit for a while, and it will be bright and shiny. Age photos or paper by dipping the material in Coke. Let it soak in for a few seconds, then remove it and let it dry. The paper will appear vintage, and you’ll have a special memento.

2. Enhance the flavor of peanuts


Put peanuts in your Coke. In 1994, Barbara Mandrell sang “I remember circlin’ the drive-in, pullin’ up / And turnin’ down George Jones / I remember when no one was lookin’ / I was puttin’ peanuts in my Coke / I took a lot of kiddin’ / ‘Cause I never did fit in / now look at everybody tryin’ to be what I was then / I was country, when country wasn’t cool. Oooh” A Coke historian believes Coke and peanuts started back in the 1920s, in the South at filling stations where Coke was being sold.

1. On the floor

mop floor with coke

Use Coke to clean up oil stains on floors. You might need to let it sit for a couple of minutes before wiping up the spill, but there’s something in the soda that helps to neutralize the oil to wipe it up. You can also mop a floor with Coke to make it sticky and keep people from falling on a slick surface. Of course, you’ll want to rinse off the stickiness later.

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